Monday, December 19, 2016

House Move will Cause Short Power Outages

Cuming County Public Power District crews will be assisting in a house move. The height of the house will require short – isolated power interruptions to allow for safe clearance. The house move will start at 8:30am Tuesday, December 20, 2016 and continue through the Cuming County Public Power District area until around 2:30pm. CCPPD crews will meet the movers at the intersection of County Road 10 and County Road G in Dodge County just west of Scribner. The home will then be moved down County Road 10 and jog over to Highway 91 and then onto Highway 275. The house will travel 2 miles north on Highway 275 to County Road B and travel east to County Road 14. The house will then be moved north on Road 14 for a mile to the county line to meet up with 19th Road in Cuming County. From there on 19th Road it will be moved north 5 miles. Movers will then take the house 1 & ½ miles west into where the house will remain. Customers along these paths will be notified if their power will be off for a short time. If you are out of power and did not get notified, please call so we can update our records. We request onlookers to not follow the CCPPD crews and movers when they moving the house through your area. Please plan alternate routes if you are planning to travel in this area. Contact the CCPPD office with any concerns or questions: 402-372-2463 or toll free 1-877-572-2463.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Friday, October 14, 2016

Update on Outages from work on Dodge Substation

Upgrades for the Dodge substation are moving along. Things have been reorganized and rescheduled.

The rescheduled outage from October 6th will take place on October 24th. Work will begin at 6:30am and last until around 2pm. Customers affected will be contacted.

Further outage updates to come and a new map will be put in the post office and at the city office as further plans are made.

CCPPD wants to remind you as always to please drive slowly in any work area and be cautious of any workers.

Thank you for your patience and understanding at this time of transition.

Please contact the office with any concerns or questions: 402-372-2463 or toll free 1-877-572-2463.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September 2016 CCPPD Operation Round-Up®

The Cuming County Public Power District Operation Round Up® board members met September 28, 2016. Following are the organizations that were awarded a total of $5,456.00:
Cuming County Archers New Targets $ 400.00
Franciscan Care Services Santa's Helpers $ 500.00
Juvenile Awareness Group Speaker costs $ 500.00
NNECAP 10 Asbestos Tests $ 250.00
St. John Lutheran, Scribner Carpet & clean-up $ 1,000.00
Veteran’s Memorial Park~WP Marketing & Adv $ 500.00
West Point Optimist Club Standing globe $ 750.00
Wisner Comm Snr Cit Cntr Recover pool tables $ 500.00
Wisner-Pilger Public Schools Ipad minis, apple TV$ 776.00
Wisner-Pilger Public Schools Dash & Dot Robots $ 280.00

The money collected for the fund is from CCPPD customers rounding up their electric bill to the next dollar. It’s an average of six dollars per customer per year. Just over $1,000 is put into the fund each month.
Area schools have received over $40,000 and area fire & rescue departments have received over $17,000 since the program began. Donations ranging from $50-$3,000 have been made to youth groups, churches, a variety of non-profit organizations, as well as a few individuals.
Think about it, an average of six dollars per customer per year has made all of this possible. In addition to the money, five people volunteer their time to serve on the Operation Round-Up® Board. Current members are Jackie Smith, Bancroft area; Brenda Bradfield, Beemer area; Maria Janata, Dodge area; Shannon Karnopp, West Point area; and Kristie Borgelt, Wisner area.
The board members discuss the applications that are received and awards are granted biannually in March and again in September. Operation Round-Up® funds are available to any person(s), family, group, organization, or charity within the boundaries of Cuming County Public Power District. The funding can be used to address a large variety of needs.
Applications to request funds are available from the Cuming County Public Power District office, emailed, or online at There are separate applications for organizations/agencies and individuals and/or families.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Outages Due to work on Dodge Substation

Upgrades to the facilities at the Dodge substation are being completed as expected. The new transformer and regulators will be updated in the next couple weeks and will be tested before going online.    CCPPD linemen are making plans to transfer customers to higher voltage lines. This will mean that some will need to be out of power to complete the job. Each customer affected will be called the week before. This will happen in a few weeks from now.   CCPPD wants to remind you to please drive slowly in any work area and be cautious of any workers. If there are any updates, we will let you know as soon as we have them.   Please contact the office with any concerns or questions: 402-372-2463 or toll free 1-877-572-2463.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Be Aware of Scammers

On Tuesday, a CCPPD customer was contacted by a person that said they were the regional director for CCPPD. This person wanted to know “what she was going to do about her bill.”

All they would say is they needed a payment for her account. No number appeared on caller ID and scammer eventually hung up.

This kind of situation is confusing and scary for any customer.  Please be aware if you receive a suspicious call. The District wants our customers and general public to be aware and informed so if you question any call that you receive, please call the CCPPD office at 402-372-2463.