Friday, November 7, 2014

Osmose Utilities Services Pole Testing To Start

Osmose Utilities Services will begin pole testing in the village of Dodge today, November 7th. The remaining areas to be tested in the next few weeks are Lincoln & Monterey townships in Cuming County; Webster township (including the village of Dodge) in Dodge County; the northern Lincoln township of Colfax County and the eastern Maple Creek township of Stanton County in the Cuming County Public Power District area.

Most utility poles are made of wood and their constant exposure to the environment takes a toll. Wind, moisture and soil conditions all can distress or decay wood. Regular pole inspection and treatment helps to spot and take care of any problems before they become critical situations.

Osmose Utilities Services is a professional firm that is an expert in pole evaluations. Employees from Osmose will be identifiable by company logos, equipment, shirts and hard hats and will carry identification.

For more information, stop at the CCPPD office 500 South Main Street West Point or call (402) 372-2463.