Monday, July 22, 2019

GMS Working For CCPPD

UPDATE: GMS (Global Mapping Solutions) is still contracted by CCPPD to capture GPS (Global Positioning System) information for all CCPPD electrical structures including poles, meters and transformers. They will be working in the middle eastern area of the CCPPD service territory. There is also a second group of workers that will be marking transmission poles and equipment all throughout the CCPPD territory.
Cuming County Public Power District is gathering all of this information for our mapping system. It will allow us to use any electronic device to view all of the equipment and locations of the equipment in our entire system.
GMS will be in the CCPPD service territory for several months completing their work. They will have signs on their vehicles stating they are "Contracted by CCPPD". We will notify customers by social media, the CCPPD website, press releases, public postings, newspapers and radio on what sections they will work on next.
If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at 402-372-2463 or 877-572-2463.